For the treatment of symptoms related to IBS

Abdominal pain, bloating, irregular bowel movements (diarrhea and/or constipation)?

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PROIBS® is a certified medical device product for the treatment of symptoms related to IBS such as abdominal pain, bloating and changes in bowel movement (diarrhea and/or constipation).


“My stomach feels calmer. I’m able to eat without getting diarrhoea. The pain and bloated feeling are gone. It’s a great tasting product!”


Martin 32, Sweden



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common functional bowel disorder affecting the large intestine. Typical symptoms include abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, gas, and constipation or diarrhoea, or both. Read more…


Abdominal pain and cramping are typical symptoms of IBS. The pain is usually relieved by passing a bowel movement.


Bloating or feeling bloated is also typical for many IBS patients. Bloating is also usually relieved by passing a bowel movement.


Flatulence or excess gas is usually reported as a symptom from IBS patients. The amount of gas is usually similar to people not affected by IBS but the gas causes symptoms for IBS patients.


Some patients experience periods of diarrhoea (IBS-D) while it sometimes alternates with periods of constipation (IBS-M).


Some IBS-patients experience periods of constipation (IBS-C) while others experience periods of alternating constipation / diarrhoea (IBS-M).



Constipation / Diarrhea

I suffer from IBS that results in severe bloating. After using PROIBS I feel so relieved and don’t have to worry about where the nearest bathroom is.


49 years old, Sweden

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“My stomach feels calmer. I’m able to eat without getting diarrhea. The pain and bloated feeling are gone. It’s a great tasting product!”

Martin 32, Sweden

“Practical and even tasty. PROIBS really helped me calm the chaos in my belly.”

Régis, France

“Hi, I can really recommend PROIBS to anyone with an IBS stomach. I have used it myself every morning and evening for about 2 years and my stomach has really changed. Do not need to check where the nearest toilet is when entering any store or similar “Now my visits to the toilets are more under control. It also tastes good to drink, like juice, otherwise, I have almost had to force myself to take the products since they always taste disgusting.” Thank you”

Else-Lill, Sweden

“Hi! I’ve been trying PROIBS for a few months now, and my stomach has really calmed down. In the past, I had diarrhea very often, but it’s much better now.”

Kristina, Sweden

“Can this be true? Have been drinking a blend in the morning for 4 days and my stomach has not been as calm as now for more than 10 years!!! What a nice feeling not to think about my stomach day after day!”

Magnus, Sweden

Gases and Bloating

I drank a glass of PROIBS every morning for a week and my belly has never been so quiet for many years. What a relief to no longer have to think about digestion problems day after day!



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“Sometimes these bloating’s can be a little embarrassing… But now, with PROIBS®, I took care of the situation.”

Julie, Belgium

“My stomach has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember. I have tried changing my diet several times, it has worked but unfortunately only for a short while. I was at the pharmacy one day because I needed something for my stomach, it was inflated so I looked pregnant and it hurt so much! Standing on the shelf with the headline STOMACH, looking and looking but found nothing that I thought fit, then I saw PROIBS which I remember reading in a newspaper. I tried it and it gave results after 3-4 days and the effect lasted. I am so glad I tried PROIBS! I drink it every morning before breakfast, it is so easy and good to take PROIBS. It has almost become a holy moment when I get up and mix a bag for me, because then I know it will be a good day! 🙂 “

Ellinor, Sweden


Hi PROIBS! Got my IBS diagnosis many years ago and through the years I have tried many different preparations for IBS without full effect against the pains. Have now been drinking PROIBS for a year and am SO satisfied as it helped me and alleviated my difficult IBS inconvenience! So never stop making PROIBS! From a satisfied IBS customer



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“I have had major problems with abdominal pain, alternating loose, and hard stools for more than six months. This has also led to social problems. I have x-rayed the bowel and it showed no fault. I searched the Internet for similar problems and found symptoms on IBS and thought it was right for me, therefore I bought PROIBS to test. After two weeks of using two bags daily, I immediately noticed an improvement and decreased to one bag daily. Today, my stomach has stabilized, and I feel much better and can live a social life again. I can therefore highly recommend PROIBS”

Anne-Marie, Sweden

“After several years of stomach problems, I was “finally” diagnosed with IBS. Received the statement just the week when I was at its worst, and this meant that I stood handcuffed and did not know how to get calm in my life, the only thing I could do was to lie down and not eat anything. As a rescuing angel, my colleague came over to me with PROIBS and asked me to follow the recommendation – fine I do it I thought, me who is against everything what medications are really called … but this was a natural product so it cannot be wrong I thought.

Now that I have taken PROIBS for 1 week my life is so calm compared to before. I can even stay awake in the evenings for all the power does not go to the stomach but can be used for better things. Shall I say that faith can move mountains and PROIBS I believe in! For an easier life with IBS. Thanks, PROIBS! “

Christina, Sweden

“I have taken all kinds of intestinal remedies recommended by doctors; none have really helped.

From a pharmacy, I was finally recommended PROIBS and after a few days already occurred a noticeable improvement in my abdominal pain, stomachache and constipation!

Thank you very much, PROIBS is really the only remedy that helps me.”

Marielis, Austria


I have tested many different products for the stomach, and it is the best so far. I will not say that the others do not work, but if you look at the longer term, I think that the effect diminishes as time goes by, but I do not experience that with PROIBS. It clearly has changed my life and I have used it for about 2 years now I think.



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“I always had that annoying irritation in my stomach. A friend recommended that I try PROIBS and after drinking it regularly for several days, the feeling is much better.”

Leslie, France

“Hi! I have had problems with my stomach all my life. already in my teens it was so. I have tried a lot of different diets, preparations and medicines without noticeable improvements. About a year ago someone told me about PROIBS. I have since then taken a dose every night. It has really helped me very well! I feel so much better! Besides, it tastes really good! Sometimes I get “relapse” but has to do that I eaten something that I really did not tolerate and should be avoided. Great Product!”

Ann, Sweden

“For over ten years, IBS has bothered me. Which not only caused physical, but also a lot of social difficulties and made small everyday routines such as traveling collectively, an incredible stress. I myself have tested all sorts of different diets over the years. Everything from LCHF, to avoiding gluten, lactose, thread fruits etc. the list can be made long. I have been to countless investigations, with dietitians, tested alternative medical tricks, just to find a solution. I started with PROIBS about six months ago and it was a long time I actually volunteered the buss in front of a car, looked forward to an evening in town with friends and dared to book things. To finally feel a little more normal is indescribable. Thanks”

Emelie, Sweden

” After testing several other products, the PROIBS seems the only one capable of some effectiveness on my irritable bowel problem. Hope it lasts!”

Patrik, France