PROIBS® is developed by Calmino group AB a company located in Gothenburg, Sweden www.calmino.com.

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Calmino group AB (Registration number: 556638-9820), founded in 2003, focusing on research and development within gut health. The company initially focused on the import of raw materials for food and cosmetics. During the years many different products have been developed including dietary food, food supplements, dental products, and cosmetics and launched on the market, some of them were sold under own brands and some as private label.

PROIBS® was developed and launched by Calmino group AB in 2010 after a randomized double-blind placebo study was completed at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The product is today one of the most popular IBS- products on the Swedish pharmacy market and is recommended by health care professionals, pharmacists, and consumers.

PROIBS® was in 2018 CE certified as a Medical Device, class IIb, for the treatment of symptoms related to IBS.

If you are interested in the distribution / In-Licensing of PROIBS® or want to be updated on the latest research within PROIBS® and IBS, please contact us.